Due to its light weight, aluminium is an excellent material both for movable and static structures, where its weight has a fundamental importance in the overall project loads.

Due to its characteristics, aluminium is among the materials with the highest strength/weight ratio. Therefore, the use of this material in structural profiles can provide an affordable metal structure. One of the main advantages of using an aluminium frame lies in its high resistance to environmental corrosion.


A PVC window lasts 2-3 times longer than an aluminium or wooden window, costing almost 50% less than a wooden one. It can be custom-made with high-tech hardware and according to customer’s needs. PVC has the following manufacturing advantages:

Usually made out of white PVC, it can also come in different colors, including wood color, the PVC window frames have good thermo-acoustic insulation, great protection from insects and are easy to clean. It is an environmentally friendly product, avoiding deforestation and preserving nature, and is therefore 100% recyclable.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel has unique characteristics such as high corrosion resistance, great cleanability / low surface roughness and it’s superior to low carbon steels. Since the material is inert, it does not change the color, taste or aroma of the food and is easy to form and also weld / bond.

Its low maintenance cost, combined with a strong visual appeal (modernity, lightness and prestige) and a favorable cost/benefit ratio make it a premium product available to our customers. For all these reasons, Serralharia Vieirense centers much of its work on this fantastic product. We adapt to all your needs.